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About John Reuscher, ChFC
Financial Advisor

Professional Approach

Planning for your FUTURE…
Should give you more confidence – TODAY


John leads a team that helps build that confidence by addressing all your financial issues.  He creates a financial plan that considers your goals and objectives, your dreams and your aspirations. It maps out your financial future and helps you understand what you need to do today to be on the road, or stay on the road, to financial success.

Planning is an ongoing process and requires regular reviews.  A good plan prepares you to respond to unpredictable, and sometimes random, personal financial events which often have a profound impact on your life.

The plan, which also addresses your investment risk tolerance, is the basis for the selection and construction of your investment portfolio which should respond to the ups and downs of the financial markets. Changes in your personal financial circumstances sometimes dictate a change in your portfolio.

John Reuscher


His team implements your plan including:

  • Investment portfolio

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Insurance

  • Accounting & taxation

  • Real estate transactions & mortgages

Team members handle different aspects of implementation, guided by the plan. Team members include professionals John has worked with for many years. At times, we use your own professional advisors who you already know and trust.

Investment Portfolio

John began using the Edelman Managed Asset Program© (EMAP) in 2008. He was an unaffiliated advisor of what was then Edelman Financial Advisors, Inc. Being a member of what was then called the Edelman Financial Network, he collaborated with the renown financial advisor, Ric Edelman. With the merger of the of Edelman and Financial Engines a few years later, and Ric’s subsequent departure from the firm, John decided to seek another asset manager.

Buckingham Strategic Partners (BSP) was very well positioned to maintain the principles of EMAP.  So, in 2022 he contracted with BSP to manage client accounts while maintaining the enduring principles of EMAP: asset class investing, maximizing diversification and using personal financial planning as guide to portfolio construction. He directs Buckingham to construct and manage your portfolio, which is guided by your plan.

John uses other asset managers and institutions such as Efficient Market Advisors, American Funds Group, Charles Schwab & Co. Inc, Pershing Advisors, Vanguard and Dimensional Funds Advisors to name just a few.

He is not directly affiliated with any of these groups and so is free to use their services based on what is in your best interest.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 6.21.09 PM.png

Education and Professional Experience

Education and Professional Experience

John has many years of experience in all areas of personal finance, with countless clients in a wide range of circumstances. His education, certification and licenses include:

  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) – You can be sure that he provides expert and professional financial planning services. The ChFC designation means he has in-depth knowledge of the key financial planning disciplines, including insurance, income taxation, retirement planning, investments and estate planning.

  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) – giving him knowledge of insurance solutions in a variety of situations including individual, businesses and professional organizations.

  • He is licensed for securities and registered as an Investment Advisor Representative.

  • John received an AA from San Joaquin Delta College and his BA from Santa Clara University.

Keeping up with financial trends is important and John has been active in professional financial organizations.  He is past president of the Marin Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and the Marin chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. He is currently serving on the Endowment Committee of the Novato Presbyterian Church.  His education, and experience along with his association with Edelman Financial Services, Buckingham Strategic Partners and the Maxey agency of Securities America positions him to provide the best solutions in all areas of personal finance.

More About John

John loves the personal interaction with his clients, the problem solving and being on the same team in an advisory relationship. Even on his worst day he doesn’t feel that he is “at work”.

John is passionate about his community. He was a charter member, and Past President of the Rotary Club of Novato Sunrise, and now a member and a board member of the Rotary Club of Novato. He is a Paul Harris Fellow. He is past President of the Novato Youth Soccer Association.  He served on the Novato Park and Recreation Commission for 18 years and was Chairman 3 times. He is a member of the Meetup group, Marin Conservative Forum and he is an associate member of the Novato Republican Women’s Association and the Marin Republican Women’s Association. He is also a member of the Presbyterian Church of Novato where he serves as Liturgist and sings in the Praise Band.

He co-hosted Financial Pillow Talk, an entertaining and informative local television program to educate the community about all things financial. He is host of ASK JOHN, a wide ranging interview tv program covering a wide range of topics with interesting guests.


John and grandson Will at 4th game of the

2013 World Series in St. Louis

He is an actor. He has a degree in Theatre Arts and has enjoyed acting since before he discovered the world of finance. He still maintains his interest in acting. He has an agent and goes on auditions occasionally.  He has done approximately 40 television commercials, print ads and movie appearances. You might find him “clowning” as “Boo Boo” at the Novato Fourth of July Parade.  Although he has a good sense of humor he is quite serious about your money.

He enjoys ballroom dancing, theatre and long level hikes. He was a member of the Mill Valley Throckmorton Chorus and currently sings in the Praise Band at the Novato Presbyterian Church. He keeps his motorcycle license current and rents a Harley now and then for a ride in West Marin. He hasn’t played golf for 10 years and actually gave his clubs away recently. Other activities take precedent. You know its not much fun if you only play a few times a year.

An Introduction to the

An Introdction to the Reuscher Financial Group

John has brought together a team of specialists to ensure his clients receive efficient, expert and friendly financial planning advice and service.

John Reuscher
Financial Advisor

As your Financial Advisor, John will coordinate the financial planning process for you. He will help you to identify your goals and objectives, and he will work with you to implement a series of strategies that will help you realize your dreams.

Securities America, Inc. – Broker Dealer &

Securities America Advisors – Registered Investment Advisor

Securities America, Inc. is a FINRA registered broker-dealer offering a wide range of investment and investment products such as mutual funds, variable annuities, variable life, direct participation programs, and stocks and bonds. Securities America Advisors is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Registered Investment Advisor providing investment advisory services such as financial planning and investment advice.  They provide Johns clients with quality service including, but not limited to, setting up accounts, changing beneficiaries, and facilitating distributions and trades.

Our Other Professional Resources

Because your personal and/or professional financial situation is often complex, John typically works directly with other professionals to design and implement the strategies that will help you achieve your goals. He works with your advisors and relies on a network of professionals who provide technical advice as required.

The professionals John works with include:

  • Estate Lawyer

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Tax Preparer

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Residential Realtor

  • Commercial Realtor

  • General Insurance Agent

[Names available on request]


Our Partnership with You

 We provide comprehensive financial planning in the context of a long-term partnership with you.  Through our experience we have learned it is important that everyone is clear on what to expect if we are to develop and maintain a successful long-term working relationship – one where I can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals – to realize your dreams.

Keys to a Successful Relationship:

What You Can Expect

Keys to a Successful Relationship

You can expect that I will consistently and responsibly perform all services related to the provision, review and ongoing monitoring of the financial planning solutions we implement on your behalf.

I will always:

  • Treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism.

  • Strive to maintain a thorough understanding of your financial goals, your objectives and your dreams.

  • Carefully assess and monitor your investment risk and time frame.

  • Explain the implications of all recommended financial planning strategies and answer all your questions.

  • Act as your primary Financial Advisor, coordinating the efforts of other related professionals when required.

  • Update you by email, mail and phone.

  • Meet with you regularly to review your progress.

Keys to a Successful Relationship:

What I Can Expect

I’ve learned through experience that effective communication and mutual respect are essential to a long-term partnership.  A few other criteria which help define our success include:

  • Your commitment to me as your Financial Advisor

  • Your trust in my abilities to provide you with recommendations and advice

  • Your complete disclosure about what matters to you

I need you to know that my recommendations are always based on helping you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, realizing your dreams.  It is important you understand that all investment, tax, estate and insurance advice will be based on the information you provide to me.  Therefore, for me to offer recommendations and advice best suited to you, I need you to fully participate in the financial planning process with me.

Keys to a Successful Relationship:

Mutual Responsibilities

Having a solid partnership is essential to effective financial planning. To this end, we both need to make your financial goals and objectives and your dreams, our priority. We will agree to keep each other informed of any new developments that might affect the outcome. And we will agree to take the time for regular reviews.

We will always work together in the spirit of mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

Our Partnership with:

Buckingham Strategic Partners

Buckingham Strategic Partners provides investment management, business management and practice development to independent financial advisors and their clients. John’s association with Buckingham Strategic Partners enables him to provide portfolio management programs tailored to the unique needs of his clients.

Buckingham Strategic Partners has more than $40 billion in assets under management as of December 2023.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

schwab logo.png

Reuscher Financial Group uses Schwab to maintain custody of client assets.You may select Schwab or another brokerage firm to custody your assets and effect transactions on your account. Having Schwab act as custodian for client assets provides us access to a wide range of services that help us serve our clients.

Pershing, LLC

Pershing, LLC provides customized solutions to John’s clients, including custody of assets, trade execution, monthly statements and tax reporting.

Efficient Market Advisors

Our Planning Process

Founded in 2004, Efficient Market Advisors, (“EMA”) constructs proprietary investment strategies using lower-cost, tax-efficient, liquid and transparent exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Thanks to in-house and third-party research, EMA’s proprietary ETF strategies offer investors diversified asset-class exposure.

Our Planning Process

We provide comprehensive financial planning in the context of your ever-changing life and relative to what is important to you.  We look at your changing risk tolerance, your goals and objectives – and your dreams.  Planning is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process, a continual assessment of your progress and your direction.  This continuous process is devised with the goal to help with the realization of your financial and lifestyle goals.

Our process begins with a careful and thorough review of your current situation, your investment allocation, your risk tolerance, and your goals and objectives.  Then we help you assess your priorities and recommend the best strategies to put you on the path to financial success.


We continually monitor your plan to ensure that it continues to serve you.  It is very important that you communicate any changes in your situation so that we can revise the plan accordingly. Likewise, we will contact you on a regular basis to keep you fully information on all matters related to you plan.

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